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We provides multiple solutions in the category of game, voice and web hosting services to clans, communities, companys and more... If you looking for a special package for ex. your community, don't hesitate in contacting us.

About Us

Intuitive Gaming started as a gaming community in 2010 for the Call of Duty 1 scene. We grew fast and was an active community with a lot of high skilled gamers during that time. We got well known during our time do to our loyal members and great sponsors. We were always striving of being a friendly community helping the Call of Duty scene.

Intuitives staff management were always interested in getting game, voice and web servers sponsored and did also succeed in this. During our time we had at least five sponsors providing us with these services. The main sponsors being KTServer.se which provided us with our own VPS server where all of these could be hosted.

All of our gaming servers are now hosted on a bare metal server located in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Ocassionaly some game servers may be hosted in the UK. This guarantees low latency for all the European gamers.

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We love to get involved in different partnerships. Wether it is to provide communities with game, voice or web servers. Here below are some of our on going parterships. If you are interessted in getting involved with your own partership with us, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

CoDBase EU

CoDBase is a vanilla Call of Duty Community that strives to keep the game alive by constantly hosting tournaments and cups.


vCoD.GG is a vanilla Call of Duty Community for the rifle scene only. They host tournements and cups together with us.


CoD Extension is an organisation specializing in tools, scripts, skins and much more for the vanilla Call of Duty Community



Intuitive Gaming is CoD focused community wich provide game servers mainly for the CoD series. Ocassionaly we may host game servers for other games on request.


We strive to offer the best support we can. In some cases we may help with modding a game server or adding configs. Due to spam problems we have all our support, both in text and by voice on our discord server.