Intuitive – Gaming has chosen to sponsor out 5 game servers for any kind of game in the Call of Duty series from vanilla to modern warfare. This to strive for an active community and evolve together with the community. If you are interested
and you have an active team which will use the server frequently you can always apply for a sponsored server. 

You can choose between Vanilla CoD and Modern Warfare. The slots are set to 14 and the server is valid for three months with possibility of an extension. The extension is judged dependning on how active you are. 

Before applying for the server make sure you read the specific rules regarding the sponsorhsip. 

Please read carefully the rules of usage below.

  • Sponsored period is 3 months.
  • Intuitive – Gaming owns the rights to stop the sponsored server before the sponsored period ends in case the rules do not get fulfilled by your team. 
  • Chance to extend the sponsored period is also an option in case that your team makes a good effort in fulfilling the rules.
  • There is a limited ammount of sponsored servers and it is only allowed to have one server per team. We do not accept multiple applications. 
  • Strive for an active usage of the server. Atleast 2 – 3 times per week. 
  • You are forced to have Intuitive – Gaming as branding in your server at all times. 
  • You are not allowed to sublett the server to anyone else but your team. 
  • In case of a website or any other type of community/social media you must show, during the sponsored period a logo of Intuitive – Gaming or anything similar on that platform. Find the logo here.

If you believe you and your team can fulfill theese rules do not hesitate in sending a request. 

Servers Left: 4/5


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